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Corum on land and sea with Iguana Yachts

The companies rely on shared values which are creativity, luxe and above all a profound taste for technological innovation. The first achievements of this partnership formalized during a cocktail party at the Majestic Hotel in Cannes, will be announced starting now until the end of the year 2017.

Corum on land and sea with Iguana Yachts

Partnership Corum & Iguana Yachts © Corum

Corum is obviously taking it slow with all the Corum Bubble, but these are nice versions. All these 2015 Corum Bubble watches use the very same motions that Corum used in its preceding three-hand Corum Bubble watches, which will be their Caliber CO 0082 (a base Swiss ETA 2892 automatic). The CO 0082 was skeletonized for its non-limited edition model that’s the return of the Corum Bubble Skeleton. More great news is in respect to pricing – which is quite welcoming for the limited edition versions (even in comparison to the prices of original Corum Bubble watches available for sale) in a decent $3,425 for your Corum Bubble All Black and Corum Bubble Vintage, and a lofty $8,300 for its non-limited Corum Bubble Skeleton.My favorite family of watches in the present collection of Corum goods is your Admirals’ Cup. Based on a now defunct boat race, the first Admiral’s Cup watch began in the 1980s and has been the first yachting watch to wear on or off deck with your boating shoes and skipper cap. What has indicated the Admiral’s Cup collection for so long would be the 12-sided case and the use of vibrant ship pennant flags over the hour mark. The latter has been mostly depreciated as the colors no longer exist on newest Admiral’s Cup watches. Lots of new Admiral’s Cup watches continue to be fairly cool. However, with watches like the Chronograph Tourbillon 47 Seafender (that in its very own way is intriguing) I feel as the original theme and character of the Admiral’s Cup collection has officially been thrown overboard.

If the maritime world is ingrained in the DNA of Corum, it is above all this mindset that connects it to Iguana Yachts. This need to go beyond the limits and show that nothing is impossible, to be intuitive and inventive enough to give life to a boat on land, to become master of one’s time. 

This collaboration between two innovative manufacturers supported by their visionary directors is the reflection of a common enterprise culture, as confirmed by Jérôme Biard, CEO of Corum. “Iguana Yachts and Corum Watches Official Website Replica are driven by their creativity, the need to break free from the rules to fulfil dreams that seemed unrealisable to their peers.” He is joined by Antoine Brugidou, CEO, of the French shipyard, who added that “the combination of our images, because they convey similar values, opens perspectives that will be self-evident in time.”