Replica Wholesale Suppliers SIHH 2014: Introducing the Baume & Mercier Clifton Flying Tourbillon, an entry-level tourbillon with a lot of IWC inside (with specs and price)

The end result? Well, in concept, a more even, predictably stable chronometric functionality and greater long-term precision. Granted, we’ll have to withhold judgement until we’ve examined one in the actual world. However, for now, it is intriguing to watch as more and more brands move from Nivarox (and by extension, the Swatch Group), rather choosing to develop proprietary technologies as a means to compete. Despite being the oldest adage in the novel, it is also the most interesting saying to watch firsthand — innovate or die, right?n accession to the distinctive hairspring, the 18-jeweled, hand-cranked BM12-1975M movement itself hums along at a recognizable 4Hz over the span of its generous power reserve of about 90 hours. Properly finished with deep Geneva stripes, blued screws, and circular graining all visible beneath the exhibition caseback, the movement itself is also adjusted in five positions for accuracy.The 18k red gold instance of this Baume & Mercier Clifton Manual 1830 watch is 42mm wide and 8.9mm thin, with a water-resistance rating of 50m, and it comes on a black aligator strap. The mention M0A10359 Baume & Mercier Clifton Manual 1830 is available today, even though it’s being made in very limited quantities, seemingly just sold in Europe, and is retailing for a cost of $12,045. An extension of this Baume & Mercier Capeland Shelby Cobra watches we covered here, these pieces were created with specific motorists’ heritages in mind and deliver each of the super-charged aesthetics which we have seen so far from that team-up. Let us take a little time to determine what’s different this time around.

A long time ago, in 1892 to be exact, Baume & Mercier won the timing trial at the Kew Observatory in London with a tourbillon pocket watch. Equipped with a movement from IWC, the new Clifton 1892 Flying Tourbillon attempts to evoke some of that past glory.

Limited to 30 pieces in a large 45.5 mm red gold case, the Clifton tourbillon uses the ValFleurier P591 movement, hand-wound with a 50 hour power reserve. But that is actually the cal. 98900 from IWC, which it uses in the Portuguese Tourbillon Hand-Wound. This is not the first time Baume & Mercier has borrowed this calibre from IWC, the William Baume tourbillon from a few years back used the same calibre.

ValFleurier is a secretive enterprise owned by Richemont which develops and makes movements for the group, which includes Baume & Mercier and IWC. That creates vast economies of scale and explains the uncanny similarity in movements and technical characteristics in products across several Richemont brands.

IWC Portuguese Tourbillon Hand-Wound

The Clifton Flying Tourbillon retails for US$59,000, very slightly less than the US$62,100 retail of the IWC Portuguese Tourbillon Hand-Wound in the same metal. So it is entry-level, but not that much of a bargain, relatively speaking.

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