New desing ulysse nardin hourstriker watch replica: Ulysse Nardin Hourstriker “Horse” Replica Watch

ulysse nardin hourstriker watch replica

These impressively detailed automatons with realistic facial features, deeply chiseled muscles, and long tails and manes are postured at the top of the luxury ulysse nardin hourstriker watch replica dial between the 10 and 3 o’clock positions.Being in action, the horse Jaquemarts crafted from 18 karat gold show the full extent of their grace in two different stances. One of the horses is in a purposeful, dynamic racing gait toward or away from something, and another is “rearing up” to flee or fight.

ulysse nardin hourstriker watch replica

Each edition is distinguished by remarkable hand-carved horse Jaquemarts – striking mechanical automatons that sit atop a genuine black onyx dial and move in synchronicity every time the luxury watch chimes the hour or the half-hour on demand. Moreover, this model can also be set to “gong” the time in passing.They are associated with elemental forces of wind and fire. Thus, Hourstriker “Horse” new design watches by ulysse nardin hourstriker replica  are a tribute to these strong and graceful animals. What is more, created by talented watchmakers and craftsmen in rather a classical style, these notable high end luxury watches for men have an outstanding feature.

ulysse nardin hourstriker watch

Being a tribute to valiant horses, these stunning novelties are another example of motion and music telling time masterpieces within the already legendary Hourstriker collection of high end luxury watches. So why horses? The answer is very simple! Warm in expression and powerful in stature, these creatures connect with our hearts on all possible levels.In this way, Ulysse Nardin Hourstriker “Horse” quality watches for men are as functional as they are artistic.

Both variations of new design watches come with black leather straps secured with folding buckles. It is visible through a sapphire window in the screwed case back. Its water resistance is up to the depth of 30 meters.The black onyx dial with index hour markers and leaf hands is enclosed in a 43mm round-shaped case made of platinum or 18 karat rose gold. Besides, each piece of Ulysse Nardin Hourstriker “Horse” luxury watches for men is equipped with a self-winding movement, Caliber UN-610, the power reserve of which is approximately 42 hours. All this fantastic mechanism is covered with a durable sapphire crystal that is both, anti-reflective and scratch-resistant.

Ulysse Nardin Replica Watches has already presented its “Year of the Monkey” high end watches, and now, this luxury watch brand enchants its admirers with amazing horses by introducing a unique limited edition collection of only 28 pieces in platinum or 18 karat rose gold for Baselworld 2016. Why horses? Being a symbol of animal power, vital energy, beauty, grace, and harmony, these noble creatures embody unrestrained freedom, courage, valor, and glory at the same time.