Long Power Replica IWC Portuguese Automatic Steel Watches Recommend

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Long power Replica IWC  have always been one of the most practical watch, long power for mechanical watches is a very important function, long power watch to ensure no worries after you won the wrist watch in the weekend leisure time, today we recommend three practical long power watch, hope you like it.


Replica IWC Portuguese Watches with a 44.2 mm diameter case, the classic style minute circle track, slender leaf pointer and virtually unaltered Arabic numerals, and are almost identical in appearance to the first Portuguese watch, only a small seconds is set at 9 o’clock, power reserve display at 3 o’clock position read. Blue dial, delicate ornamentation in the light of the sun shining very clever, with a black alligator strap


IWC AUTOMATIC automatic watch series IW500107 watches

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Watch series: Portugal Series
Movement Type: Automatic mechanical
Case material: stainless steel
Strap Material: alligator
Case diameter: 42.3 mm

IWC Replica Watches IW500107 known affectionately become “Portugal seven”, from which it has a power reserve of seven days, while in the three o’clock position set the power reserve display, nine o’clock small seconds dial. This watch is equipped with IWC 51011 automatic movement, although the price is high, but as the star models equipped with self-produced movement if the start is well worth considering.

Only watch for the first time equipped with fake iwc portuguese automatic homemade 52850 self-movement, but also in order to declare the opening movement IWC homemade items. Calendar watch dial is located between 11:00 to 1:00, with three separate semi-circular window display respectively month, day and week. It has automatic switching mechanism taking into account the different number of days in each month. The calendar is different, different calendar without regard to the number of days in February, does not consider the effect of leap year, hence the need for a manual adjustment at the end of February each year. Calendar module in the development process, the IWC’s designers try their best to make simple adjustments, just by the crown can be adjusted.