Diamonds bezel jaeger lecoultre master grand tourbillon replica watch

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Grand Tourbillon

Case is brushed and polished and the imitation stones bezel Diamonds bezel jaeger lecoultre master grand tourbillon replica watch make it look like a million bucks. Big crown also makes a clear statement and the moving parts inside the imitation tourbillon kill it for the most people that will see it. See-through back case exposes the Japanese automatic movement and that’s where you’d be able to see and imagine some differences between this fake and the real deal.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Grand Tourbillon

To be honest with you they nailed it pretty well comparing to the original because the original is not that detailed and a crazy design.

It’s a fun and very expensive looking jaeger lecoultre master grand tourbillon replica watch  that you’d need to wear with a proper attire. Check out some more pics and feel free to give me your thoughts on it. I don’t get the chance to review pieces like this one very ofter so your feedback will be very much appreciated.

I didn’t find an iced bezel one like this rose gold plated case jaeger lecoultre master grand replica watch  right here but the dial is pretty much spot on including the tourbillon imitation which is always the most tricky part in these cases. This will make comparison or genuine knowledge about this piece very rare.

Also the markers are imitation stones so this is a very good example of a good looking, good quality over the top jaeger lecoultre replica watch. It’s a more simple tourbillon piece and you’ll find the similarities between the two pretty sticking.