Can I Buy Corum – Video. Bubble Halloween – Be Spooky Be Bubble Replica Watches Free Shipping

Corum introduces three new models for Halloween: the Bubble Pirate, produced in 188 pieces, the Bubble Voodoo in only 38 models, and the Bubble Skull conducted in 88 pieces.

The Bubble watch is so called due to its high domed sapphire crystal, and it is not necessarily only a gimmick. Most watches have flat sapphire crystals using anti-reflective coating since they wish to avoid distortion. For Corum’s Bubble watch, the opposite is true since the distortion that’s due to its high domed sapphire crystal is the thing that makes the Corum Watches Las Vegas Replica Bubble unique. The big hollowed and vacant eyes along with the charcoal black dial and the warmth from domed crystal makes a gothic look that’s rarely seen in different watches.