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Corum Bubble Elisabetta Fantone

Corum is a Swiss luxury watch manufacturer and was set up in 1955. The very popular watch show is that the Admiral’s Cup but Corum Watches Admirals Cup Replica has also had success with the coin watch for instance. This timepiece was introduced in the 1960s and was famous for its manual wind or quartz motion inside a $20 or a $10 coin. Corum is also respected for world premiers where each year limited editions are sold out shortly once they are available on the market. Severin Wunderman acquired Corum in 2000. Since the brand 2013 belongs to the China Haidian Group (who also controls the Eterna watch brand).Corum’s iconic Golden Bridge debuted in 1980 in its first barrel-shaped case. Last year, the Swiss brand introduced a redesigned variant in a more traditional round event. At this year’s Baselworld view fair, Corum introduced yet another variation of the Golden Bridge, in a brand new, Art Deco-influenced square case. Here’s a look.The Corum Golden Bridge Rectangle, like its round-cased predecessor, is the brainchild of renowned designer Dino Modolo. The baguette-shaped, linear-oriented, manual-winding movement, Caliber CO113, is visible in the middle of the open air and boasts a high amount of engraving and finishes on its 18k gold plate and bridges. It is surrounded on either side by 18k gold structures representing six Roman numerals whose curved shapes and rivets call into mind the structure of a bridge. The movement’s timekeeping functions are on full screen, together with all the spring barrel at 6 o’clock feeding energy to the escapement in 12 o’clock.

In keeping with Fantone’s singular style, her work references and reimagines a face that is recognizable to all, the Mona Lisa. “In my latest work I was stimulated by some of the world’s greatest artists of yesterday and today,” Fantone writes.

The artist’s inspiration aligns well with Corum Bubble’s modern twist of vintage fashion. First introduced in 2000, the Bubble was modeled after the 1960 Rolex Deep Sea Special, an experimental dive watch which kept ticking from the bottom of the ocean and back. Out of this striking innovation, a new style was born with a thick sapphire crystal enclosing and magnifying the center dial. This creates an optical illusion through the gem-like lens which encapsulates the uniquely original designs.

Corum Bubble Elisabetta Fantone

Although Fantone often finds fuel for her work in the pop art of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, for this piece, she traveled deeper in time to find the face that would fit the frame. Looking out from a pane of crystal, the tilted head and the familiar smile of Mona Lisa is counterbalanced by a white chest shrouded in a tapestry of colorful collage. The option of a silver or vibrant purple watchcase playfully compliment the image, while the silver curve of the hands delicately trace the design.