How about the breitling exospace b55 connected replica watch ?

breitling exospace b55 connected

All of these breitling exospace b55 connected replica watch can be uploaded straight to your smart phone for easy management. This next-generation chronograph has both analogue and digital display, and a range of custom functions including 2nd timezone, up to 7 daily alarms, electronic tachymeter, a countdown/countup function, and the ability to record split, block and flight times, all controlled simply and intuitively with the crown and push buttons.Breitling Exospace B55The new Exospace B55 has been created for the modern pilot.

breitling exospace b55 connected

The slim and comfortable 46mm case breitling connected replica watch is made from sturdy yet lightweight black titanium with a rotating bezel and water resistance to 100m, while the exclusive TwinPro rubber strap is both comfortable and hard-wearing.Beyond the technical functionality, wearability and durability have also been carefully considered.

Breitling have long been at the forefront of professional instrument technology, creating the first wrist chronograph in 1915, and the first modern two push-piece chronograph in 1934. These and other innovations provided invaluable technology for pilots, and in 1952 their Navitimer became the official watch of the AOPA (Aircraft Owner and Pilots Association).

Contact our watch teams to find out more, including strap and dial variations. You can even use your phone to control the various functions, for ultimate ease of use. Aside from the stylish design, breitling replica watch describe this watch as “an authentic life companion”. It has all the functionality you could need from a watch but also syncs with your phone to provide text, email, phone call and calendar notifications. The clever connectivity allows both phone and watch to work in tandem to do what each does best. This watch is available in store and online now.But you don’t need to be a pilot to enjoy this watch. Get connected.