Brand New Silvering Dials Piaget Polo Copy Watches

The Brand New Silvering Dials Piaget Polo Copy Watches hour markers are applied luminescent indexes. Piaget polo team extolled the extreme charm of Polo collection on the Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue in 1985. A date aperture is set at 6 o’clock. The silvering dials are decorated with carved lines. The diameter steel cases is 42mm. The transparent casebacks show more delicate details. Their movements 1110P are self-winding mechanical movements with 25 jewels. They are composed of 180 parts. The power reserve is about 50 hours.


New Piaget Polo Copy Watches with mechanical movements 1110P have very simple functions. The central three hands show the time clearly.


Piaget replica watches with frosted steel bezels reflect the resolute characteristics and reveal the leisure styles, suitable for any occasion to wear. The watches adopt the modern designs for lines, bringing the large wearing comfort.

A wrist watch wants to be classic and the representatives of the spirit of the age, and it needs to take a very long time. In 1979, Piaget launched Polo collection that is very classic and widely acknowledged by the public. Besides, Polo collection keeps a special relationship with New York.  The whole designs Piaget Copy Watches integrated with circular and pillow shapes highlight the purest traditional aesthetic feelings.