Audemars Piguet Watches Replica Breakthrough

Throughout this SIHH, new watch, new design, new theme after another, dazzling new technology are also many, and each time to explore the technical and upgrades are never easy, and therefore more people look forward to and echocardiography. Audemars Piguet This year’s theme is the “golden age” of technological innovation in the balance wheel and double three repeater chronograph these two concepts among the latter had been released before, this year has made some adjustments, so it is not first introduced. Thus, this year, Audemars Piguet Watches Replica new technological breakthrough, primarily in double pendulum wheel system, which is not a super-complex structure, on the contrary, its structure is relatively simple, however, what makes it so special, with a simple structure solve complex problems.

Before a comprehensive analysis of Audemars Piguet double pendulum wheel system, I think it is necessary to put the system to make some preliminary understanding, in order to better understand it so special. Balance spring system is the core of purely mechanical watch, watch rely upon request to provide energy, balance spring system will rely on energy sharing, and output by the oscillation frequency and the recording time, and thus the key to accurate and stable time to go watch, that the pendulum spring system. For centuries, watchmakers ultimate pursuit, is to achieve accurate and reliable travel time, for watchmakers have a very poor life experience, to explore the most suitable materials and structures, the production of the most excellent mechanical only meter.

As we all know, precision vibration frequency balance spring system is directly related travel time, so watchmakers have always taken great pains to develop the best balance spring system. All along, the impact of balance spring system vibration frequency factor always comes in three levels of reasons, namely the system itself material, structure and the external environment.

Effect of material on it is easy to understand, the original balance wheel made of a single metal, later changed to bi-metal, now commonly used in alloys, beryllium copper alloy springs from steel, blue steel commonly used today, even silicon material, the process of development after hundreds of years, the aim is to continuously improve the reliability and durability and accuracy of the system itself. Today, research and development team is still constantly looking for more favorable material to address the shortcomings of existing materials, the material is the foundation of the system.

The impact on the system configuration of the same can not be underestimated, structure here refers to such screw balance, weight balance, light swing, no card / card has degree gooseneck trimming / snail trim / speed needle, etc., even including double gossamer, gossamer end of the curve, the size of the balance wheel. Each has its own special advantages and affects all aspects of the system.

The external environment is the magnetic field, temperature, gravity caused by difference in different locations, vibration, etc., in fact, a large part of the balance spring system configuration, is to reduce the impact of external environmental factors on system design, watchmakers Unable to best replica watches china the external environment changes, which can only be possible to combat the external environment by improving the system structure and materials.

Although it is very simple, but true to the movement design and production, all structures, materials, has a corresponding scientific criteria, including the parameter setting, physical equation model, and even the size of the balance wheel requires strict estimates can be determined, rather than random vary.
In the beginning of the cheap replica watches or pocket watch was born, all from a single gossamer pendulum round begins, in most cases, a balance spring system will only have a balance spring and a balance wheel. According to today’s scientific level, single springs and wheel pendulum oscillating system has to meet the demands of daily travel time meter mechanical time, and can reach sufficient precision.

However, the single springs and wheel pendulum theory, the presence of its own defects, except for very high-level spherical and cylindrical springs springs, flat springs always best copy watches because the state in which the horizontal, vertical, etc. generated bits poor, which is why early watchmaker invent the tourbillon main reason. As for the balance amount, you need to see whether the accompanying structure is more reasonable to say which one is better, the pendulum wheel itself can not be said to be a defect.

In Audemars Piguet replica double double gossamer balance wheel oscillation system, and it is double pendulum spring system difference is that the addition of a balance wheel, and then in fact it had increased role gossamer layer on a single wheel pendulum is gossamer Similarly, the purpose is not to change the oscillation frequency, but to improve their resistance to objective environmental factors. Since the two sets of balance spring system fixed on a common axis, so that they are as a whole, it has the same effect automatic compensation. Because the addition of a balance wheel, forming two systems will undoubtedly be more balanced, to achieve greater stability.
Therefore, Audemars Piguet fake double balance spring system not only integrates all the advantages of the original launch of the pendulum wheel double spring system, while in the balance strengthened, gossamer energy storage, release more uniform. Compared to other existing brands more balance spring system, Audemars Piguet in structure to simplify a lot of doubt, a simplified means lower error, failure rate, energy consumption structure.