The History of Replica Swiss Breitling Watches

Replica Swiss Breitling Watches has weathered crises in the long course of history, but if not 1979 Schneider family intervention, the traditional company, established in 1884, may have become a victim of quartz crisis as many of its competitors. This brand in the 125th anniversary of the 2009 anniversary, not even reached its 100th. A looks at page l’information horlog (to the Swiss. The Swiss clock and watch industry newsletter, revealing that best replica breitling has completely discontinued in 1978 after the laying of the 24 laid-off workers and 18 in La Chaux de fonds Saturday in Geneva. The reason is understandable, considering the serious disease times of turmoil and company leaders, Wiley Breitling Replica. The sale of the company Ernest Schneider Breitling, see the boss sicura. In 1979 April, two people signed the agreement, allowing Schneider to take over the famous brand “Breitling Replica” and “Navitimer.” Wiley Breitling died only a month later, the end of an era and the beginning of another Breitling watches.
Next stage began on November 30, 1982, when the company moved to grenchen officially registered under the name, “Breitling fake S.A.” Schneider, who holds a degree in engineering, is an amateur pilot, has not been idle at the same time. He has extensive experience in the field of microelectronics, he initially decided to modern quartz technology outstanding brand good fake breitling. This strategy is successful, ushered in the growth of the brand, and make it continue its traditional, as the aviation industry suppliers. Company has long been committed to Schneider’s son, Theodore, the hands of the owners, and Jean Paul Girardin, chief executive officer. They presided over the latest Breitling Replica milepost together, first it introduces the internal motion, diameter B01. More than a century of the self winding movement support complications has the characteristics of the history of the company: timing.